Arne Vodder about his design

  Arne Vodder interview 2009 :

What is good design to you? The design must be useful and aesthetically beautiful. For example in a chair, you should be able to sit properly. And formally, it is important to me that the design is nice or beautiful to look at – with for example curves and organic forms. What is your favorite piece of furniture? I’m fond of all my furniture designs, but a favorite piece of furniture is 29 sideboard , with a bar at the end . Why do you think that your furniture is still popular? It must somehow be timeless in the design. It is appreciated that there is thought about the quality, and it does not look factory produced , but looks like real craftsmanship. Organic, aesthetic and beautifully created.

The designer and architect Arne Vodder’s furniture design achieved international success in the 1950s and 60s. And the quality and timeless expression still holds to such an extent that several of his furnitures again are put into production.

The designer and architect Arne Vodder understood as other great designers of his generation to create aesthetically pleasing and timeless designs that still today is coveted. Arne Vodder was especially known for his sideboards, sofas and desks that had a special characteristic and organic design with no sharp edges. In 2009, Arne Vodder started cooperation with the furniture manufacturer Gesten Maskinsnedkeri, later with PJ Furniture A/S and today Snedkergaarden A/S to produce again the sideboards. The old designer experienced the first new production of the products, which he was quite pleased with . He still had plenty of ideas, such as the sideboard should have more colors on the front. Arne Vodder design is still today popular, both because of its timeless expression and the high quality of execution, which he attached so great importance to.

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